Mandy Draeger


Hello, my name is Mandy Draeger and I have been drawing as a hobby almost every day since I first learned to pick up a crayon.

I have been working in the video game industry for only a little over 5 years in various positions and I aspire to get a job at a company as a character concept artist. I have had the privilege of working with the art team at companies in the past designing, modeling, and texturing art assets as well as helping to update old assets to become "next gen" for newer platforms. I have been doing freelance character art for years through the internet and friends/coworkers for independent projects and iOS games. I have many years of experience doing illustration and character concept art on commission. I have a lot of experience working extremely long hours from my Quality Assurance testing experience in the past and understand the demands of the game industry. I am a hard worker and I do not let anything else in my life get in the way of my job or being a good employee.